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The eternal source of knowledge, the heritage of wisdom, books has always been the timekeeper of the history. Even nowadays, with all the digital entertainments and opportunities, reading books remain among the most popular hobbies nowadays.

Fortunately, our generation can use the infinite thesaurus of knowledge anytime with online bookstores and e-books.

About Shopping at Kobo

Kobo is a website that sells a wide selection of e-books that can be download directly from their site as well as its own independent e-reader, called the Kobo E-Reader, which has many features that make reading your e-books a great experience. Kobo is comparable in quality and price with other tablets. The website also offers magazine and newspaper e-subscriptions. The website offers many great titles of classics and new releases.

Instant access to more than 4 million best eBooks, that can be read anytime anywhere on any device. Dive into bestsellers and classic, nonfiction and anthologies, books about business and well-being, using Kobo promo codes to make your reading affordable as never before!


Our Kobo Coupons

If you are looking for a great ebook reader or e-books to download, you have come to the right place. Our list of promo codes will always have the latest offers so you can make sure you can take advantage of any deals available at the moment and purchase your e-book reader or e-books for less. All you have to do is to copy and paste the coupon code in your shopping cart before the purchase to save up to 50$. Don't forget to check in frequently as our offer changes all the time.

  • Sign Up Credit.  Register your own account on Kobo.com for convenient online ordering and wider discount selection. Get $5 credit for your next purchases and start growing your library for less with Kobo coupons.
  • 20% Off Your Order. Make your first order with 20$ discount for joining the Kobo community. Choose the desired book from any section: biography & memoir,  business & finance, sci-fi and books for child, romance and more. Find appropriate promo code and enter it during online purchase to get your first reward from Kobo.
  • Free 14 Days On Any Magazine. Kobo coupons provide you with the possibility to enjoy the most trendy journals on various topics, starting from fashion and up to scientific issues.
  • Best Sellers for $ 0.99!  Great and captivating readings do not always have to cost arm and leg. If you lucky one who obtain Kobo coupon for your desired bestseller - be sure you may find the price starting from $0.99 for selected fiction or novel.  However, every best seller deal is time-limited, that's why Kobo coupons are updated all the time. So you have even more chances to get discount on the book you are looking for.
  • Holiday Sale. The fabulous Christmas Sales and other hot time for greatest deals will provide Kobo customer with astonishing 80% rebate for holiday sales items. With Kobo coupons, this offer includes Kobo apps, Kobo Glo HD, Kobo Aura H2O and other readers.
  • 25% Off The New Releases and Books On Film. Kobo discount code ensures you sustainable discount for the up-to-the-minute novelty. Also, discount is available for books on films. So don’t hesitate to click on the coupon code to save on your caprice.
  • Get 30% off selected author. If you’re fond of certain author - mention it in your account and get 30% off their ebooks with Kobo promo code.  For example, being a big fan of Jane Mayer - you can buy her latest “Dark Money” book for $21.59 instead of $29.95.
  • The Kobo Touch eReader Offer. Shop now and get opportunity to get The Kobo Touch eReader for $79.99. Apply Kobo coupon for eReader deal and get remarkable discount for your superior reading experience.
  • 35% Off Selected eBooks. Convenient, useful and affordable, ebooks are among the greatest sources of entertainment. So why restrict yourself in your desires? Any book of any style can be delivered to you with 35% discount, provided you make use of Kobo promo code.
  • 50% Off Clearances. Reap benefits from total sales! With Kobo coupon code you may get selected books almost for free! Live a new life every time you merge with new story!
  • Buy One, Get One Free! This deal is valid for wide selection of ebooks! Whether you are looking something for kids or for a bedtime reading, get advantage of Kobo promo codes.  Get 2 books - pay for 1!


Kobo website is where you can find products at discounted prices. The store offers many discounts on a regular basis to all of its customers. You may also sign up for their newsletter to receive updates via email as well.

Due to years of partnership with leading book stores and online book provider, couponwiki.net may provide the best prices for the high-end products.

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