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About Jib Jab

Jib Jab is a fun online shop of holiday e-cards. With the help of this website you can deliver the best emotions and reflections to your nearest and dearest. Creating a card in this website, you choose photos of yourself or family and friends and put them up into exciting backgrounds. Your family and friends will be super excited getting a high-quality e-card with a Rudolph which has your face or a shot of elf's factory where little elves are your kids. The imagination of the website's creators goes far, and there are a lot of fabulous cards. You can find something super for any occasion of the year.

With the resource you can say "Happy birthday" to somebody special in different styles, celebrate weddings with fantastic cards and videos, and also greet the families who have new-born babies in them.

Jib Jab has in store various cards for the most popular holidays of the year. The website is also really helpful, when you want to show your special emotions to somebody: say thanks or sorry, cheer up a sick person or express your romantic feelings.

Jib Jab

E-cards with economy

Before holidays you want to send more cards and to share your mood with more people. Then it's high time to think about saving some money. Online shopping with special coupons is a handy thing. On our website you will find unique and interesting ways to economize you will hardly meet anywhere else, they are various sales, discounts, coupons and promo codes. Now there is an option to save 10% buying a year subscription to Jib Jab. For example, if it costs $18 a year, or $1.50 per month, with the coupon you are saving $7.20 and have to pay $10.80 for the annual subscription.

And you finally get a year's subscription to the resource and ability to send great cards to celebrate the family and friends's birthdays, special occasions and popular holidays. The choice of e-cards is great: more than 1,500, so you can enjoy sending fun staff all year round without picking the same ones.

Jib Jab

Advantages of using our website

Choosing our coupon site is a great thing because it gives a great opportunity to shop with better prices.

Here you will certainly find what you are looking for - exciting unique coupons that you can use on Jib Jab and send great unusual cards. Shopping for these cards with coupon codes makes the process of sending original cards not only funny but also inexpensive. Enjoy it and present awesome memories to others!

You are welcome to look for great discounts!

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