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What can be more precious than time? The bustling lifestyle 21st century dictates, force us to be in constant search of managing our days more efficiently. The rise of e-commerce has managed to change our buying habits drastically. The main benefits of making purchases online is the possibility to save time as well as opportunity to get the wider choice of goods or services by competitive price.

Wherever you are, whatever you do  - now you are able to buy anything you want in just one click: the limited shelf space is something that has sunk into oblivion. Convenience is the #1 reason why we prefer buying online. It save time greatly! And when you're capable of  finding everything you need in one place - it seems you find an Eldorado! That’s why it comes as no surprise that online stores like Indigo gain a remarkable popularity nowadays.

Indigo - contemporary store with 70-years history

The story of modern Indigo store started in 1940. Two brothers, Carl and Jack Cole opened the first book superstore in Toronto. After years of merging with other companies and widening of the goods selection - Indigo, finally, became #1 Canadian retailer of: books, lifestyle enhancing products, DVDs, music, e-readers, children's toys and school accessories, paper products, as well as various electronics, jewelry, hair accessories, eyewear, and beauty products.


The 247 stores worldwide and online store offer the best ideas and inspirations that exceed any expectation.

With the growing and improving customer experience, Indigo has turned to be the best place to find gifts, source of inspirations, tech toys and other stuff for your leisure and personal improvement.

Store Promotions and Rewards Programs

For the years of successful business running, Indigo has managed to learn customer’s needs and mood inside out. As a result, this Canadian retailer offer unbeatable prices for any good you may find on their official website. Moreover, in order to attract customer to return to real stores, Indigo cut prices for top-selling and staff-recommended books. In order to avoid “showrooming”, in which customer come to see product and finally buy it online at cheaper price, Indigo provide its customer with alluring price offers on their well-established site. One more advantage any customer may use - is the possibility to save big with special Indigo coupons and promo codes. You may easily find them on various couponing sites. They can be printable so you may use them when making purchases in physical store or you can find and save coupons for your online orders.

Our Coupons

Being the country’s largest specialty retailer, Indigo provide plenty of coupons so anyone can find the best offer to use. Follow the latest deals to get a real bargain of the best quality.

  • Weekly deals. Every week Indigo offers the finest selection of  books you may buy with 40% discount. Sci-fi, books about well-being and self improvement are now available almost half-priced.
  • Bestsellers Offer. If follow the current deals properly - you may get up to 40% off New York Times or BBC bestsellers. The highest rated and the most popular books become affordable if bought with Indigo coupon.
  • Season Deal. Whether Christmas is coming or we are waiting for St. Valentine Day, the Indigo offers special discount on selected goods: toys, accessories, home decor and art supplies. Grab Indigo promo code and get 25% off regular priced items.
  • Holidays offer. Are you looking for incredible gift for Valentine Day? Looking for something special for Christmas? Great reads or creative tech could be the best choice to surprise or amuse your dearest. To make holiday purchasing painless for your wallet - use Indigo coupon codes and buy with pleasure.
  • Thematic book discount. For all book lover: get up to 50% off for a book of specific thematic: money management book, well-being, business or top cookbooks etc. Only the best-seller authors! Only the best price with Indigo discount coupons!
  • Up to 35% off for Tech & Electronics. The wide selection of the latest gadgets and electronics can be bought with 35% off the regular price. Wearable tech, e-readers and smartwatches, iPads and smart home equipment - all these electronics became affordable with sustainable discounts Indigo coupons can provide. The necessary guarantees are also provided.
  • Up to 45% off baby & children products. Baby toys and clothes, books and infant care are available by attracting prices. Indigo coupons help save bigger for outdoor toys, Lego and the nursery product.

You can find many discount codes for books and other Indigo merchandise on our website. Please type (or copy and paste) the code in your shopping cart before completing the purchase to receive the discount. You can browse other websites for promo codes as well.


Purchase and Shipping at Indigo

Indigo offers frequent free shipping deals. Free Shipping for $25+order. Get free delivery to any store on any order with Indigo coupon code. Whether office supplies, bath & body product, bag & tots, pillow & throws - make an order, enter coupon code and get your purchased delivered right to your nearest store. Most orders of over $25 qualify for free shipping within Canada. Indigo ships to the US via ground mail at $7.99 per order.

Indigo offers frequent free shipping deals and many seasonal discounts as well as weekly deals in their “Sale” page. The store also offers two rewards programs: basic one for free (plum rewards) and more advanced one for an annual fee of $35 for those who shop there often. Sign up to receive a regular email newsletter from Indigo with product recommendations, exclusive invitations, and events.

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