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In an industry that’s continued to grow and at times attract unscrupulous companies, it’s understandable why it’s hard to find a company that has withstood the test of time like HashFlare. This cloud mining service, managed by the team at HashCoins, has been in the market since Bitcoin was introduced about three years ago.

The goal of HashFlare to ensure that cloud mining is accessible to all: the old, young, experts, and the inexperienced. The cryptomining expects employed by the company have all been given one mandate; to do everything possible to ensure that different profiles of users can save money.

Apart from the ability that the company offers you to take advantage of a HashFlare promo code when you purchase a mining contract, the service has also become famous for immediate payouts for any hashpower you buy from Bitcoin. Also, any HashFlare code can be used to buy contracts with unlimited length.

Available HashFlare Contracts

The HashFlare service runs a number of mining algorithms, including the following;

  • Ethash
  • Scrypt
  • Equihash
  • SHA256
  • X11

All these services run on the GPU equipment that the HashCoins service provides. You can purchase a contract spanning between 24 hours and a lifetime. However, the Zcash and Ethereum are limited to only 12 months.

Available mining plans and their prices

At HashFlare, once you’ve made the decision regarding the mining plan you want to buy, you can expect to be mining within the next 24 hours. What makes this possible is that, you don’t need to invest money in buying lots of expensive equipment. True to their promise to make cloud mining accessible to everyone, buying your hashpower is as good as starting.

So what kind of plans can you get from HashFlare? Just ensure you check out if there is a aveliable HashFlare code to redeem and take advantage of before you check out.

Cloud Mining Plan Pricing

  • Scrypt Algorithm Miner: attracts a maintenance fee of $0.005 for 1 MH/s for every 24 hours. With this plan, payout in BTC is automatic. The hardware for running this one is the HashCoins SCRYPT. It’s available on a one year contract. For this plan, you’ll part with $7.50 per 1MH/s and you can make your purchase on the service’s website.
  • For $2.20 you get access to two plans: the SHA-256 Algorithm Miner and the Ethash Algorithm Miner. While the SHA-256 will attract maintenance fees of $0.0035 per 10GH/s every 24 hours, you’ll be glad to know that there are no maintenance fees in the Ethash plan. Both the plans are available on a one year contract.
  • The X11 Algorithm miner, running on the Multifactor hardware will cost you $3.20 for every 1 MH/s on a one year contract. The great news is that it also comes with no maintenance fees. This plan pays out automatically using DASH.
  • The Equihash Algorithm miner will cost you $2 for 1 H/s. It also comes with no maintenance fees and was in stock at the time of writing.

HashFlare coupon codes, deals, and special discounts

The idea when you sign in to any cloud mining service is to make money. This is the reason why checking out if there are any special offers or redeem HashFlare code is a good idea. Some of the available discounts include the following.

All the discounts listed below could be expiring soon. They all don’t require any HashFlare io code.

Contract (available discount):

  • Litecoin Scrypt sale $7 on 10 MH/s
  • Sha-256 $2 on 20 GH/s
  • Dash mining $3 on 10 MH/s
  • Ethereum $2 on 10 MH/s
  • Zcash $2 on 10 MH/s

Taking advantage of a HashFlare Seasonal Discounts

The best way to take advantage of a HashFlare sale is to ensure that you’re always informed through registering on their website to receive information about the best deals. Receiving notifications by email ensures that you are the first to get information as soon as it is made available.

Another easy way to keep yourself in the know with regards to special offers is to like the HashFlare Facebook Page. This provides a convenient way to get the news as it happens. This also gives you a chance to become a member of an active community of cryptocurrency miners from across the world.

If you check out HashFlare reviews on the internet, one of the common things that users complain about are maintenance fees. However, you’ll notice that taking advantage of the available discounts will actually give you back part of the money you may think you had lost on the maintenance fees.

How to use a HashFlare Promo Code

Unless you know how to redeem your code, it will not be possible for you to take advantage of the savings. The process starts with you registering on the HashFlare website. The only information required is your email address and date of birth. This gives you access to your own secure online profile.

Once you have a profile, you need to make one purchase of hashrate. Anyone who doesn’t have a hashrate can purchase either the ETHASH for mining ETH, Scrypt for mining Ethereum, EQUIHASH for mining ZCASH, X11 for mining Dash, SHA-256 hashrate for mining Bitcoin.

Once you’ve decided the hashrate you want to buy, click Proceed. Follow this by clicking Redeem code, then you can choose the payment mode that you want to use on checkout. On the screen of your computer, check the left-hand sidebar of your account board. When you have entered the code you copied, you can now click Redeem.

Partnering to earn commission

Apart from your ability to save using a HashFlare voucher code you can also become a partner and earn up to 10 percent commission. Once a user you referred to the service makes a purchase, you get a reward which can be up to 10 percent of the purchase price.

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